HIPAA Compliant BackUp For Your Medical Practice


With Electronic medical records (EMR) back up, recovery, and data retention requirements are very backbone of HIPAA regulations. It’s mission critical for healthcare providers to maintain proper back-up systems, access reliable recovery, and retain historical data properly — all within a secure environment.

HIPAA requires that sensitive health data be encrypted and stored in specific, tightly-regulated ways. So not only are medical practices, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers producing more and more electronic records at an exponential rate, all of those files have to be stored indefinitely, in a specific manner, and most importantly, be recoverable

Medical Practices look for solutions with Hypervault Online Backup

The resources available to large hospitals and other healthcare organizations are out of reach for most small to mid size practices. This is where Hyperrvault and the Hyperride Team can assist your practice. Hyperride makes it affordable for your practice to have the IT Care and online backup so that you can do what you do best.

Why Use Hyperrvault?

  • Variety of backup and data management solutions designed to aid internal IT infrastructure and comply with HIPAA requirements.
  • Full range of enterprise-class backup features for protecting mission critical business data
  • Reduces the costs and risks associated with managing data in financial, legal and medical practices

Don’t become a statistic

According to the health care marketing research firm SK&A, only 29% of solo practices and 37% of two-physician practices are currently use EMR systems. Of those surveyed the majority of these small to medium sized practices need a fully loaded EMR solution, from systems to backup, and don’t yet have one.

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